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Wireguard human readable peer names / description

With description

Without description


A little awk wrapper for adding description to wg peer list
For now, it reads comfiguration file from /etc/wireguard/wg0server.conf
and should be invoked like ./wgnames.awk

Suported commands:
./wgnames.awk showconf <interface>
this will print wg showconf <interface> with #Description included


My peer list looks like this

#Description = vrein's pc [tokk]
PublicKey = ARHSU/VoiTjh3JD3jXnb8SFIIvzxRNglQphuwR/a9zQ=
AllowedIPs =, xxxx:xxxx:3::3/128,

#Description = vrein's laptop [hopper]
PublicKey = KOx72CQCbjcWCpWm0Etq8erI+my81eR+RqyayqhZkSo=
AllowedIPs =, xxxx:xxxx:3::4/128

#Description = vrein's phone [ane-lx1]
PublicKey = 9YxWr6APbmwX+CNasZJrKhmOwQnZKAJKTVSf+qlyoXA=
AllowedIPs =, xxxx:xxxx:3::5/128

#Description = vrein's phone [oukitel]
PublicKey = /S9uj08YKXYbDkkKB8xy/ABy1CIMVQdq7B4rAZdL3RU=
AllowedIPs =, xxxx:xxxx:3::6/128